Why Drupal?

Over the years Drupal has grown from a normal CMS to Large-Scale application which now almost competes with Enterprise Systems which supports, Business Process System, reporting and Data Analytics. Drupal works on very simple Core Code + Contributed Modules+ APIs which is basically everything you would want in a CMS. 

When it comes to any CMS, which is basically the back bone of your web presence business agility is a important factor to consider. It helps you change with the ever changing business landscapes in productive and cost effective ways. Drupal being the back end of busiest sites in the world already will be able to handle the sudden spike in the traffic to your website and regular streams of high value traffic. 

As a CMS it is already a great tool to manage content, but has definitive advantage over other systems. It is already SEO optimized  and allows digital integration to various social platforms. It also supports your content strategy over different media, making content adaptable to different channels and devices. 

Drupal has a dedicated security team working on security patches not to mention an entire community of millions of users who report bugs and security threats. It provides the flexibility and customization which makes it better for the website to be viewed in different platforms and devices. 

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