No front page content has been created yet

No front page content has been created yet

Drupal 8 is uploaded on our webserver and installed successfully. The first and foremost thing blinks on the screen “No front page content has been created yet” How to deal with?

There are 2 ways of dealing this.

  1. Create a basic page and promote it to front page. (Simplest and easiest)
  2. By editing the front page view.

The first one is simple and straight. Second one can be achieved as below:

Edit the Frontpage view at  as follows:

In the NO RESULTS BEHAVIOR section, click on the Global: Unfiltered text item.

This will open a dialog box to edit that setting. From here you can see that this is where the undesirable message is coming from. Click on the Remove link beside the bottom buttons to remove that message.

Once you've removed the unwanted items, be sure to click the Save button on the View form to make those changes permanent. You can then browse to the front page and see the results.


You might need to Clear all caches at to see the change.

Yep you are done!