COVID-19 – Harsh Truth for Small Scale Businesses

While the pandemic COVID-19 has shaken the total industry. Both big enterprises and small-scale businesses have been impacted severely. Imagine the plight of SMBs which do not enjoy much the advantages enjoyed by large scale enterprises because of their nature and size. Though they have made a significant contribution to economic development, they have not realized their full potential. They face many problems in their functioning and many small-scale Industries are sick.

Most of the small-scale industries face the problem of scarcity of funds. They are not able to access the domestic capital market to raise resources.
Banks and financial institutions require various procedures and formalities to be completed. Even after a long delay, the funds allocated are inadequate.

OK. Let’s stop all these negative thoughts and start to think positively to make this situation productive. We, being a web creator, decided to do the following.

  1. Take a look at our own website, start planning to do things such as revamping which is pending since a long while.
  2. While the all the industries suffer during the pandemic , the hand sanitizers thrive. Utilize this time to prioritize your portfolio.
  3. Take a stock of our client base, List out the past clients, try to re-establish contact with them and try to leverage new business.
  4. Stay in touch with our existing clients and make them feel comfortable by extending your support to them
  5. Start planning some marketing activities such as improving your social media presence, newsletters etc.
  6. Updating our technical skills and start learning new technologies which are in demand.
  7. Online giants such as Google, Adobe etc has extended their trial periods. Exploring the products in the trial period and make decisions on which to be used in future.

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