COVID19 –Massive Impact on E-commerce Industry

Looking at the paradigm shift in the e-commerce industry, while the selling of mobile phones and other cosmetic products sees a dip in sales, there is a big demand for groceries, personal protective equipment and other healthcare products. We also need to remember that the government is yet to allow online portals to start sales and delivery of non-essential items this includes all the smartphones and white-consumer goods like televisions and refrigerators.

As on 1st May, there are 25148 active corona infected cases and 1152 deaths across the country. The pandemic continues with one more extension and there is no concrete information about when the lock down is going to end…The IT industry and the e-commerce businesses are the most affected business sectors.

With the closure of physical stores, cancellations of events, and a declining economy, social media channels are the only place where marketers can engage consumers.

People are staying at home. The increasing traffic threatens to overwhelm the networks — OTT platforms are already throttling, while the loading times of many online shops are increasing. At the same time, anxiety and tension of the consumers are rising. Thus e-commerce started facing massive challenges.

Performance is of course only one of many factors for a good conversion rate. But unlike the consumer climate, speed is a factor that every shop operator has completely in his own hands. In general, there are three areas that need to be optimised:

User Interface: The rendering of a website runs in a series of steps, some of which can be executed in parallel and some of which build on each other. The Critical Rendering Path describes the part of this process that has to run sequentially.

Network infrastructure: It is crucial for network performance to use a lesser number of unique domains as possible and integrate them with the correct protocols. The browser cache must also be used by appropriate HTTP headers to avoid unnecessary requests.

Backend: The most complex area is the backend, since many different systems are involved — from the shop system to the CMS to the ERP and database system. Therefore, there are hardly any generic solutions in this area.

At this time, nobody can predict how much the Covid19 will impact the global economy, businesses, individuals, or healthcare systems. Despite this uncertainty, online retail continues to perform, largely uninterrupted. A symbol of hope in these troubled times.

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